Voting system

You are a part of a solution

Through our voting system, HCF platform users have a significant influence on the direction and success of the entire project. Using the collective wisdom and experience of the community, HCF can continue to grow and have a positive impact on the world.

Every donator can participate in the voting procedure as well as all the other users who have our tokens stored in the personal account.

Tokens can be obtained through various means:

  • Participating in Staking Program

  • Mining using GPU

  • Donate and receive your Lifetime Staking

  • Buy on Crypto Exchanges

  • Get for activities on the HCF platform.

To vote for an initiative within a specific project on the HCF platform, you must use a token from that particular project. Users utilize their votes in the Personal Account for the voting to be held.

How it works

  1. Once a user has made a donation, the funds allocated for charity are distributed in the proportion of 70% \ 5% \ 25%.

  2. 70% is evenly distributed among all charitable initiatives and sent to NGOs every two weeks, 5% is sent to the HCFW Security Wallet, and 25% of the funds become subject to voting

  3. The user decides which initiative to vote for and transfers their votes for it. Every 2 weeks, 25% is transferred to the winning charity initiative.

  4. Votes can be used again in the next voting. After each cycle they are returned to all those who voted

1 vote is equal to 1 token that is in users Personal Account.

When donation is made users get votes in the following way: the amount of donation in USD divided by the exchange rate of projects’ tokens at the moment of donation. Users get votes according to the amount of tokens they possess.

New users receive one free vote upon completing registration on the HCF platform. For each voting users get 1 additional vote. All accruals that users receive as part of our Lifetime Staking or Fixed Staking increase the amount of votes in a 1:1 proportion.

All the details about the Voting System principles can be viewed in Voting System FAQ.

If there is an equal amount of votes given to several charity activities then all the amount of money is spread within these activities also equally. If any particular initiative receives more money than it needs to be completed then all the remaining money is spread equally within other charity activities.

In addition to the above, users can propose new features or services on the HCF platform, making it more versatile and comprehensive. They can also vote on other important decisions related to the HCF platform, such as:

  • Choosing which charitable organizations or projects to sponsor;

  • Selecting which new partnerships to form with other companies or organizations;

  • Deciding on the future direction of the project, including potential expansion into new areas or sectors;

  • Proposing new initiatives or programs to benefit the communities served by HCF;

  • Making changes to the project's overall vision or mission statement;

  • Suggesting marketing or awareness campaigns that can attract more participants and contributors to the platform.

Through the voting system, HCF platform users have a significant say in the direction and success of the overall project. By leveraging the collective wisdom and expertise of the community, HCF can continue to grow and make a positive impact on the world.

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