Voting System

  1. What is the Voting System? - This is a special system that collects the votes of users regarding financing this or that charity initiative with additional funding.

  2. What initiatives can be voted for? - The subjects for voting are following: the additional financing of this or that particular Charity Initiative; the distribution of funds accumulated in projects' Security Wallet; ideas regarding development of the HCF ecosystem.

  3. How do I participate in voting? - To take part in voting you have to be a registered user on HCF platform and have at least 1 vote in your personal account.

  4. How can I obtain my votes? - To get your votes you can make a donation or just store tokens in your personal account. You also get 1 free vote for registration. And for each voting user gets 1 additional vote.

  5. How is the number of votes calculated? - Every single token stored in the personal account gives you 1 vote. If a user makes a donation then the number of votes is calculated in the following way: the amount of donation in USD divided by the exchange rate of a token at the moment of donation.

  6. Where is the voting held? - All the voting activities are held on the HCF platform

  7. Are my votes expendable? - When the voting is done and the results are announced - all the votes are returned back so that they can be used in the next voting.

  8. Can I use my votes given by the HCFH project in Votings regarding HCFW or HCFC activities? - No, donating in HCFH Charity initiatives or storing HCFH tokens give you votes that can be spendable only in the same type of charity initiatives i.e. HCFH votes are countable only for Housing charity initiatives.

  9. What happens after I vote? - The system calculates all the votes given by all the users and determines the winner. The accumulated funds are distributed according to the results of Voting, then all the votes are returned to users.

  10. Are my votes tradable? - No, you can not sell your votes. They are for voting purposes only.

  11. What happens if there is more than one winner of the voting? - If two or more charity initiatives receive exactly the same amount of votes then this additional donation that has been voted for is divided equally between the winners of the voting

  12. What if the additional funding exceeds the winning initiative needed amount? - In this situation the extra is divided between all the remaining charity initiatives.

  13. But what if the extra is too small to divide between all the charity initiatives? - If the amount of the extra is too small that after dividing every initiative receives less than 1 dollar, then this extra goes to the next to the winning charity initiative.

  14. What if we accumulate too much money? - In case when all the amount of accumulated funds exceeds the needed amount to fund all the Charity Initiatives - then the extra goes to projects' Reserve Wallet for urgent situations such as natural disasters, immediate medical care, and all kinds of pressing issues.

  15. Can I share my votes with other community members? - No, you can not send your votes to anyone. They are for you only.

  16. I think I have less votes in my personal account than I should - You are always welcome to ask our support for help.

  17. How do I get more votes? - Your votes are the sum of your donation activity, tokens you possess and activities you participated in. For example, you get additional vote for each voting and accruals you receive in our Staking Program increase the amount of votes. If this is not enough for you - then you can become our Ambassador.

  18. Can I suggest a subject to Voting? - Any token holder can propose their voting subject, which is published after moderation. The entry tier for proposing is having more than 100 tokens in a personal account or donating more than 1000 USDT. This feature is available when the on-chain voting is released

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