The HCF Platform's Features

Donation mechanism

Each project connects the community of donors and Charity Initiatives together.

Users who have made a donation receive a share from the monthly emission and the privilege to vote for additional funding for a specific Charity Initiative. Donations are held in the 'Charity Temporary Wallet' until the voting concludes. This encompasses equal distribution among all Charity Initiatives, additional funding based on voting outcomes, and support for urgent Charity initiatives, if needed.

All donors are invited to the Lifetime Staking Program.

For a detailed breakdown of the donation process, please visit the 'Distribution of Charity Funds' section.

Voting system

The voting system is implemented on the HCF platform. With the voting system, all token holders will be able to participate in the voting and influence the selection of the most important decisions in the development of the project: vote for the specific initiative that should receive additional funding, as well as voting for the implementation of new technical solutions that should appear on the platform.

Using the collective wisdom and experience of the community, HCF can continue to grow and have a positive impact on the world. Every donor, along with other users who store tokens in their Personal Accounts, can actively participate in the voting procedure.

Main principles:

  • 1 project’s token gives the user 1 vote

  • When donation is made users get votes in the following way: the amount of donation in USD divided by the exchange rate of projects’ tokens at the moment of donation. Users get votes according to the amount of tokens they possess.

  • New users receive one free vote upon completing registration on the HCF platform.

  • For each voting user gets 1 additional vote.

  • All accruals that users receive as part of our Lifetime Staking or Fixed Staking increase the amount of votes in a 1:1 proportion

Case scenarios

  • In case when the donation amount is bigger than the needed one - then the overages are also distributed among the remaining Charity Initiatives.

  • In case when there is more than one winner of the voting - then the Voting Fund is distributed within them equally.

  • In case when all the amount of accumulated funds exceeds the needed amount to fund all the Charity Initiatives - then the extra goes to Reserve Wallet.

All the details about the Voting System principles can be viewed in the Voting Principles FAQ.

Personal Account

The HCF Personal Account is a personal profile of the user on the platform. You can use web3 wallet authentication to ease the process of the registration.

Registered users can access a variety of functions, including:

  1. Receive tokens Users can check their token balance and claim them from the personal account as well as view their transaction history.

  2. Voting Users can vote for Charity Initiatives that they think deserve additional funding from the Project’s Temporary Wallet.

  3. Staking Program Users can send tokens, acquired through various means, to the staking system and monitor the accruing tokens in real-time.

  4. View voting history

This provides transparency and allows users to track their contributions and impact on the platform’s charity initiatives.

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