Token Flow

All tokens in HCF projects have typical tokenomics, with a total supply of 21 million and it is divided to:

  • «Project Tokens» - 4,000,000 tokens

  • «PoW General Wallet» - 5,000,000 tokens

  • «Staking General Wallet» - 12,000,000 tokens

Project Tokens are distributed across three allocations:

Charity Share: 3,000,000 tokens will finance partner programs and activities that are aligned with the project's mission. Reports on token sales and budget distribution will be published on our official resources, along with information on program activities.

Developer Share: 800,000 tokens will fund the project's operating expenses, technical development, and scaling of the HCF ecosystem.

Activity Share: 200,000 tokens are allocated to increase the community and the number of active users, attract additional funding to the project, and develop marketing strategies.

All donations go to the project's Charity Temporary Wallet, from which charity initiatives will be funded. Each project also has Security and Reserve Wallets to carry out the global mission and raise the necessary funding.

Distribution of Funds

Every time the donation is made - 90% of the funds goes to charity funds, while 10% goes to the developers. In terms of tokens, 10 times less than 90% of donation are burned from the Charity Share, and 10 times less than 10% of donation are burned from the Developers Share. This Burning System supports our deflationary type of tokenomics and ensures longevity and sustainability of our charity ecosystem.

Imagine a donor has made a $100 donation in the HCFW project and the price of the HCFW token on an exchange is $2. In that case $90 goes to the charity funds and $90 / $2 * 0.1 = 4.5 tokens are burned from the charity share. $10 goes to developers while $10 / $2 * 0.1 = 0.5 tokens are burned from Developers Share.

Charity funds are split into three portions


divided between all the Charity Initiatives in equal proportions. Before these funds sent to Charity Funds - they are accumulated in the Charity Temporary Wallet. All the payouts are made once every two weeks.


held in the Charity Temporary Wallet and is a subject to vote. After the voting is over - this amount is sent to the winner of voting.


held to Reserve Wallet. Here we accumulate funds for urgent situations such as natural disasters, immediate medical care, and all kinds of pressing issues. When there is no time to hesitate, the Reserve Wallet comes into play.

Every single cent is a subject to be accountable.

This system ensures transparency and accountability in the distribution of funds, while empowering the community to choose which initiative receives additional support.

Project's Security Wallet

The wallet balance is funded by:

  • 25% of the monthly staking fee share (designed for 12 years)

  • 50% of user tokens sold through the platform.

  • All the remains from the monthly emission

Approximately the number of tokens will be more than 3,000,000. 80% of the tokens will be redistributed to project's Charity Share once it is empty, while the remaining 20% will be distributed based on the results of voting on the platform.

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