HCF - Humans Care Foundation - a charity ecosystem that contains a range of projects and unites all the goals, achievements and statistics about each of HCF's projects. The ecosystem aims to raise funds for charity initiatives through crypto and fiat currencies.

HCFH - a HCF's project that aims at solving problems with accommodation for those who suffered from natural disasters etc.

HCFW - a HCF's project that aims at solving problems with water resources

HCFC - a HCF's project that aims at solving problems for children

Voting System - a set of principles and tools which enables users to have a significant influence on the direction and success of the entire project.

Charity Initiative - a particular fundraiser that accumulates funds

NGO - non-governmental organization

Ambassador Program - a mechanism for promoting the HCF platform via various means, with rewards for doing so.

Personal account - a dashboard where users can check and manage statistics about votes, tokens and overall contribution

Token Burning System - is a set of principles of token burning in order to stimulate the token price as well as keeping the whole network stable

Direct Donation - a donation via HCF platform

Donation Distribution - see Donation Mechanism.

Donation Mechanism - a set of rules and principles in accordance with which every donation is distributed

Voting Fund - is the amount of donations that distributes within Charity Initiatives in accordance with Voting results

Project tokens - a special name for the unity of Charity Share, Developers Share and Activity share

Charity Share - an allocation of tokens used for the donation process, taken from the total token supply at the moment of the genesis block creation.

Developers Share - an allocation of tokens for the needs and purposes and rewards for developers.

Activity Share - a special allocation of tokens designed to promote HCF platform as well as particular projects to increase its awareness and focus.

Charity Temporary Wallet - a special allocation of received funds where they are kept in the same currency till the results of voting are published.

Reserve Wallet - a special allocation that accumulates funds for urgent situations such as natural disasters, immediate medical care, and all kinds of pressing issues. The funds are kept there in the same currency as it was received.

Security Wallet - a special allocation of project’s tokens that are accumulated and kept there till the Project’s Charity Share is empty.

Fixed Staking - a rewarding instrument where users stake their tokens on HCF platform and can unstake them without HCF sanctions only after the fixed staking period is over.

Lifetime Staking - a program which rewards everyone who has made a donation via HCF platform

Mining pool - a mechanism of obtaining our tokens via mining on hardware together with other miners

Staking - is a means of obtaining project's tokens on the HCF platform.

PoW Plus Consensus - is a unique tailor made means of obtaining our tokens via mining using GPU

Smart contract - a self-executing mechanism that controls the flow of all stated rules and principles

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