Ambassador program

  1. What types of Ambassador program do you have? - We have 3 types: Social Media Outreach, Donor Recruitment and Country Leaders.

  2. Can I participate in several types of Ambassador Program? - Yes, of course! You can participate in all types of our Ambassador Program at the same time. As long as you meet all the conditions and not violate any rules you can get multiple rewards!

  3. My friends donated via my referral link, but I didn’t receive the reward. Why? - To be able to receive rewards for donations via referral link you need to make at least 100 USD donation.

  4. What is the Ambassador Pool? - The Ambassador Pool is a pool that accumulates 2.5% of each donation made via referral link. Every month accumulated projects' tokens are distributed among users with the most active donor network

  5. Who can participate in token distribution from the Ambassador Pol? - To participate in a token distribution you should have at least 1 share. To have 1 share the cumulative donation amount through the referral network should surpass $10,000 USD.

  6. What does “share” mean? - "Share" is a part of the Ambassador Pool that determines the proportion in which token distribution will occur. For every $10,000 received through the donor network, the ambassador receives 1 share.

  7. How does token distribution occur? - For example, there are 8 owners of referral links. The first owner has 10 shares because they have received donations totaling $100,000. The second user has 4 shares, and the rest have 1 share each. In total, there are 20 shares. The Ambassador Pool accumulted 5,000 tokens. 5,000 / 20 = 250 tokens per share. The user with 10 shares will receive 2,500 tokens. The user with 4 shares will receive 1,000 tokens.

  8. Can I lose my shares? - If it has been more than 3 months since the last donation through your network, then you lose all shares.

  9. I have a great idea for HCF. How can I discuss it with your team? - We're always open to suggestions, so don't hesitate to contact our team to share your ideas via email

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