General questions

  1. What is HCF? - HCF (Humans Care Foundation) is a charity ecosystem with several projects, each with a unique mission and a token on the Polygon blockchain. At HCF, our primary goal is to establish a more inclusive and cooperative approach to philanthropy, allowing donors to have a direct impact on how their contributions are utilized.

  2. What is the difference between HCF and HCFW or HCFH, HCFC? - Humans Care Foundation is a ecosystem that contains a range of projects. HCFW, HCFH or HCFC is an example of such a project.

  3. How exactly do you use blockchain? - We utilize the Polygon blockchain technology, automating and securing the execution of transactions. This eliminates the need for intermediaries and reducing fees, ensuring a higher percentage of funds goes directly to the intended cause compared to traditional non-crypto solutions. Additionally, blockchain enables the creation of project tokens that serve various purposes such as voting and staking on the HCF platform.

  4. What are the ways of getting tokens? - There are multiple ways to acquire our tokens: Staking Program, Mining, Lifetime Staking, Crypto Exchanges, Ambassador Program, and special Activities.

  5. What are the token utilities? - You can stake tokens on the HCF platform or hold onto them as an investment. Additionally, the number of votes user has is dependent on the number of tokens you possess. One token equals one vote

  6. On what principles are NGOs selected? - At the Humans Care Foundation, we are looking for notable and innovative non-profit organizations that have a vision for the future and are committed to making a positive impact on global problems.

  7. How can I be sure that NGOs receive my donation? - Every 2 weeks we publish thorough reports about fundraising progress on the HCF platform. There you can see overall statistics about all HCF’s projects. Moreover, you can view each charity initiative profile on HCF platform and learn updates in the progress bar.

  8. How exactly does funding for philanthropic initiatives happen? - 70% of all funds allocated for charity is evenly distributed among all charitable initiatives and sent to NGOs every two weeks, 25% of the funds is sent to a specific initiative based on the results of voting, and 5% is sent to the Security Wallet for NGO’s emergencies. With your donation you not only support one specific initiative but all initiatives of charity partners in specific HCF project.

  9. Is Humans Care Foundation OFAC compliant? - Yes, we screen all our potential partners against all relevant lists.

  10. I lost access to my personal account. What should I do? - You are free to contact our support team via email

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