Humans Care Foundation: House

About Project

The Humans Care Foundation: House (HCFH) is a project developed by the HCF team, with the aim of raising funds for the global problems outlined in the project’s mission. HCFH is a part of HCF charity ecosystem and it has a token on the Polygon blockchain, named after the project, to facilitate transparent and secure donations.

Donating and becoming a member of the community is effortless since direct donations are available through the project’s website. The project’s voting system ensures equitable distribution of donations, giving everyone in the community an opportunity to vote for their favorite charitable initiative.

HCFH collaborates with global NGOs, who receive the funds raised, ensuring that donations reach their intended recipients. The transparency of blockchain technology, coupled with regular reports, provides a high level of trust to all stakeholders. The HCFH team and its partners operate globally, and are always open for cooperation.

The scope of the problems addressed by HCFH includes:

  1. Lack of Adequate Shelter

  2. Insufficient Housing Opportunities

  3. Limited Access to Safe Accommodation

  4. Challenges in Homeless Rehabilitation

  5. Barriers to Mental Health Support

  6. Inadequate Job and Vocational Training

  7. Struggles with Substance Abuse and Addiction

  8. Limited Social Services for Homeless Individuals


HCFH’s mission is to give a helping hand to the victims of humanitarian and natural disasters around the world. We believe that using innovative solutions made by HCF and drawing the attention of the global community we can create a sustainable future for everyone.

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