HCF History

2021, India How it all started

The Humans Care Foundation (HCF) was born out of a desire to make a meaningful impact on the world. It all started in the summer of 2021 when the Crypt Aarogya Charitable Foundation was established in Delhi, India, to address the urgent need for aid during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our foundation team recognized the potential of blockchain technology to facilitate efficient and transparent fundraising and turned to a group of passionate blockchain developers to help them realize our vision.

The result was the creation of HCC (Health Care Coin), a cryptocurrency designed to enable effective fundraising and distribution of funds to those in need. Through a combination of technical innovation and media promotion, the project quickly gained a large following and proved its effectiveness in raising funds for local charity initiatives in Delhi.

The success of the project demonstrated the power of blockchain technology to drive positive social impact while also providing an attractive economic model for investors. Inspired by this success, our core team of passionate blockchain enthusiasts worldwide came together to form the HCF, united by our shared goal of leveraging blockchain technology to solve global problems.

2022 - 2023, Africa Unique Perspective and Valuable Lessons

In 2022 we met with many local organizations in Africa, receiving valuable information from primary sources. Additionally, we sponsored and implemented a series of events in collaboration with local charities, taking a hands-on approach to making a difference in the region.

We at Humans Care Foundation realized that while our charitable efforts were making a difference, there were still many people in need. To address this, we developed a new approach that would allow us to help everyone, not just a specific individual or group. Our core team decided to share donations equally among all recipients so that everyone would benefit, no matter how small their share is.

Our strategic partnerships with NGOs in Africa underscored the pivotal role of community engagement in shaping impactful decisions. As a direct response, we are developing a Voting System, empowering our vibrant community to wield influence over the 20 % of charity funds. Together, we are driving positive change and amplifying the voices of those we serve.

Drawing on our extensive experience in blockchain technology, our team created a unique product that combines the principles of charity and blockchain.

2024, World Where are we now

Today, we continue to grow and evolve, always striving to find new and innovative ways to make a positive impact on the world. With a universal blockchain-based solution that can be easily integrated into a wide range of tasks, the HCF is now poised to scale its impact on a global scale.

Our unwavering commitment to the mission, combined with our technical expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, makes us a force to be reckoned with in the world of blockchain-powered social impact.

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