Users can use two ways to store HCFC

  1. All available cryptocurrency wallets that support Polygon tokens (Metamask, Trustwallet and others).

  2. Storing tokens in a wallet on the HCF platform

HCFC contract address 0x7dce33A5611F73EA80248D7a259b1a66E87ADa48

Our platform has an integrated wallet where users can store their HCFC tokens. We are actively improving our platform and developing the internal wallet.

Guide How To Add Tokens

This is a quick guide how to add HCFC token to your wallet like Metamask, Trust Wallet or other web3 wallet.

  1. Open the application and find the list of cryptocurrencies and tokens in your web 3 wallet;

  2. Find the button "Add token" or "Import token";

  3. Make sure that you choose the Polygon network;

  4. Paste the HCFC contract address 0x7dce33A5611F73EA80248D7a259b1a66E87ADa48;

  5. All the other fields will be filled automatically;

  6. Click "Add" or "Import token";

  7. You are all set up.

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