Staking Programs

Lifetime staking

When the donation is made, 10 times less than the corresponding amount of HCFC tokens is burnt according to the price on the exchange. Immediately after burning, the Lifetime staking system is activated. In the personal account, the user can monitor the accumulation of tokens, as well as fully dispose of them.

Lifetime staking is only available to users who participate in «Donation».

The percentage reward increases depending on the amount of the donation. The calculation is made according to the following table:

Every month, the accruals will be accumulated in your personal account on the HCF platform. They will only become available for claiming and withdrawal after 6 months of staking. Once this initial period is completed, users can claim their accruals every 30 days.

Fixed Staking

With this method of accumulation, you accumulate HCFC tokens over a selected period: 6 months, 12 months, 18 months. The compensation percentage increases depending on the number of tokens you have secured. The calculation is made in accordance with the following table:

For fixed staking users receive votes. The number of votes depends on the number of tokens in stake. As soon as the user withdraws funds from staking, he loses votes.

If users take only the reward, then the number of their votes is reduced by the amount of the claimed reward. The user can reinvest their rewards and increase the number of votes.

Tokens transferred to fixed staking are frozen for the selected period of time. The accruals can be withdrawn or reinvested in a 6 months. If a user wants to unstake tokens from fixed staking - all the accruals will be lost and a penalty of 5% is taken from main the deposit body and sent to HCFC Security Wallet.

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