How to get HCFC

  • Participating in Staking Programs

  • Mining

  • Donate and receive your Lifetime Staking

  • Buy on Crypto Exchanges

  • Activities

Stake on HCF

Stake your tokens on HCF platform and receive your accruals. See the table for details.


HCFC mining is possible only with the help of graphics processing units (GPU). Requirements to the equipment for mining - minimum video card RAM size for mining 4 GB

Remuneration is distributed from the «PoW General Wallet.» Mining is available from the moment of publication of the source code. To start mining, you need to download and install the official software (freely available on official resources) on your equipment.

There are several options for mining:

  • Mining solo: connecting to an Polygon node (dedicated node, INFURA, or similar service). The recipient of the reward must have MATIC in his wallet to pay for the gas to interact with the smart contract when sending the solution.

  • Mining in a pool: when mining in a pool - the pool takes care of the gas payment. Accordingly, the pool takes a commission when paying out tokens.

Every user who donates is able to receive HCFC tokens to their wallet using the Lifetime Staking.

Crypto exchanges

Today we are in an active phase of negotiations with crypto exchanges, and we plan to enter the exchange in 2Q2023.


We will continuously organize all kinds of activities that are rewarded. One of them is our Ambassador program.

To make transanctions with HCFC tokens you need to have MATIC on your wallet.

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