HCFC Wallet System

HCFC Security Wallet

The HCFC Security Wallet is designed to fulfill a global charity mission and do it on a continuous basis.

The wallet balance is funded by:

  • 25% of the monthly staking fee share (designed for 12 years)

  • 50% of user tokens sold through the platform.

  • All the remains from the monthly emission

Approximately the number of tokens will be more than 3,000,000. 80% of the tokens will be redistributed to HCFC Charity Share once it is empty, while the remaining 20% will be distributed based on the results of voting on the platform.

Funds pool

The funds pool is created for the secure storage of all raised charitable funds and their distribution among NGOs.

HCFC Reserve Wallet

Here we accumulate funds for urgent situations such as natural disasters, immediate medical care, and all kinds of pressing issues. When there is no time to hesitate, the HCFC Reserve Wallet comes into play. All details can be found in our reports.

The wallet balance is funded with 5% of funds allocated for charity.

HCFC Charity Temporary Wallet

Here we accumulate your donations for future distribution.

  1. 70% is evenly distributed among all charitable initiatives and sent to NGOs every two weeks.

  2. 25% of funds become subject to voting. After Voting process is complete funds are transferred to the winning charity initiative.

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