Road map

Road map HCFC

4Q 2022

  • Official launch of HCFC (Humans Care Foundation: Childhood) to directly address urgent humanitarian needs around the world.

1Q 2023

  • Start of the HCFC token mining phase on Ethereum to enable distribution of tokens within the community on the 26th of January 2023.

  • Creating partnerships with charitable organizations and NGOs to amplify the reach and impact.

2Q 2023

  • Funding initiatives of NGO partners.

  • Setting up a data migration process, ensuring the safe transfer of HCF assets and user data from the Ethereum blockchain to Polygon.

  • Work on creating the platform, leveraging blockchain technology to enable transparent and secure donations while reducing fees and overhead costs.

3Q 2023

  • Testing and double-checking of the data migration process from Ethereum blockchain to Polygon and its successfull completion.

  • Establishing a partnership and commencing operations with Liquid Pool.

  • Establishing a partnership and connecting Cryptomus Cryptoprocessing.

  • Integration with Blockpass world-leading KYC and AML operator to ensure the pure donation flow.

4Q 2023

  • Official launch of the HCF platform including Voting System, Staking Program, and Ambassador Program to enable the worldwide community to donate to high-impact charity initiatives.

  • Mobile application development.

  • Actively seeking out new charity initiatives and attracting funding to help them.


  • Implementation of the HCFC project's full functionality and integration into the HCF mobile application launch.

  • Provide regular updates and transparent reports about the progress of charity initiatives.

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