Token Flow for Donations

To ensure the smoothness of HCFH token flow the following mechanics is implemented that contains two possible ways that take turns in accordance with a specific algorithm.

  • Every time the donation is made - 90% of the funds goes to charity funds, while 10% goes to the developers. In terms of tokens, 10 times less than 90% of donation are burned from the Charity Share, and 10 times less than 10% of donation are burned from the Developers Share. Immediately the donor is able to participate in Lifetime Bonus program.

  • There is a well-thought system of token flow created for involving miners and every single HCFH token holder into the charity.

The mechanics of donation distribution:

The amount of money for donation is split into three portions.

  • 70% of it is divided between all the Charity Initiatives in equal proportions. Before these funds sent to Charity Funds - they are accumulated in the HCFH Charity Temporary Wallet. All the payouts are made once every two weeks.

  • 25% of it is also held in the HCFH Charity Temporary Wallet and is a subject to vote. Users choose the Charity Initiative they emphasize most. After the voting is over - this amount is sent to the winner of voting.

  • 5% goes to “HCFH Reserve Wallet”. The name speaks for itself. When there is no time to hesitate for a specific Charity Initiative - we sponsor it.

Every single cent is a subject to be accountable.

This system ensures transparency and accountability in the distribution of funds, while empowering the community to choose which initiative receives additional support.

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