Token Burning System

Tokens are burnt when the donation is made

Every time the donation is made - 90% of the funds goes to charity funds, while 10% goes to the developers. In terms of tokens, 10 times less than 90% of donation are burned from the Charity Share, and 10 times less than 10% of donation are burned from the Developers Share.

Imagine a donor has made a $100 donation in the HCFH project and the price of the HCFH token on an exchange is $2. In that case $90 goes to the charity funds and $90 / $2 * 0.1 = 4.5 tokens are burned from the charity share. $10 goes to developers while $10 / $2 * 0.1 = 0.5 tokens are burned from Developers Share.

Burning System supports our deflationary type of tokenomics and ensures longevity and sustainability of our charity ecosystem. It also reduces the amount of circulating tokens so that every single one of them has more value.

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