HCFW’s mission is to protect and restore the world water resources and ensure people’s access to clean water. We believe that using innovative solutions made by HCF and attracting the attention of the world community, we will influence the overcoming of this humanitarian problem.


With 70% of our planet’s surface covered by water, it may seem logical to presume that there is always an abundance of it. However, freshwater, which we rely on for bathing, irrigating crops, and drinking, is actually incredibly scarce. Only 3% of the water on Earth is freshwater, and the majority of that is either locked away in icebergs or not readily accessible to humans.

Some facts:

  • Every year, at least one month of acute water scarcity affects four billion people, or over two thirds of the world’s population. (UNICEF)

  • 2.7 billion people experience water scarcity for at least one month of the year, and 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water globally. (WWF)

  • More than two billion people reside in nations with insufficient water supplies. (WWF)

  • By 2025, it’s possible that half of the world’s population would reside in regions with limited water supplies. (WHO)

  • By 2030, severe water scarcity may force 700 million people to relocate. (UNICEF) • One in four children globally will be residing in places with extremely high water stress by the year 2040. (UNICEF)

  • Diarrheal infections alone cause two million deaths per year, the majority of them being children. (WWF)

  • Over 80% of the world’s wastewater is released into the environment without treatment, and up to 90% of the world’s surface water may be polluted in some way. (WHO)


We conducted an analysis and calculated:

  • The median cost of a water well can vary from $7,000 depending on the location, depth and type of well. These costs may include drilling equipment and personnel, permits, materials, as well as the installation of a pump and other necessary equipment.

  • The average cost of sanitation services ranges from 5,000$ per month for advanced commercial or industrial sanitation services.

  • The cost of water tanks, as a rule, ranges from $ 3,000 or more, depending on the size and material and have a capacity of 250-10,000 liters.

  • The price of a barrier for cleaning rivers, lakes, oceans starts from $ 6,000 for an improved barrier designed and installed to order.


HCFW intends to raise $300,000,000 to help provide 15,000,000 people with clean water, leveraging a blockchain-based platform for secure, transparent, and low-fee donations.

HCF believes in philanthropy’s ability to impact the world positively. That’s why we create a blockchain-based tool for public funding of non-profit organizations and sponsor several initiatives of organizations such as: One Home Mission, Vrikshit Foundation, Mila4Africa, SOL Uganda, Children’s Sure House, ANNIE Hope Foundation, and Children Must Live.

NGOs are organized by passionate individuals making a difference, but sometimes lacking extensive PR skills crucial for promoting their activities. At HCF, we provide the opportunity to amplify voices, showcase NGOs, highlight their leaders, address critical issues, and connect with a global audience.


One of these initiatives was to pool funds from our personal resources and help the Mila4Africa Foundation to provide the Maasai tribe from Kenya, Amboseli to get access to clean water. As a result, we constructed wells and thousands of maasai received relief after a prolonged drought.

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