HCFW Token Flow

HCFW is a token based on the Polygon blockchain that can mine on GPUs via a smart contract with unique tailormade PoW Plus consensus.

At the stage of token generation, tokens are distributed to the main HCFW wallets.

The total supply is 21,000,000 HCFW and it is divided to:

  • «Project Tokens» - 4,000,000 HCFW

  • «PoW General Wallet» - 5,000,000 HCFW

  • «Staking General Wallet» - 12,000,000 HCFW

Each allocation plays an important role in maintaining the fundamental processes of the HCFW project, including the PoW Plus Stage, Staking Stage, Donation Mechanism, and Community Development

Project tokens

"Project tokens" is allocation of 4 000 000 HCFW tokens which ensures the continuity and stability of charitable effort as well as community development. These tokens are distributed to 3 wallets:

Charity Share - 3,000,000 HCFW (75% of project tokens)

The main and only purpose of this share is to be burnt after the donation is made. Operational reports on donation distribution will be published on the official resources of the project. In addition, the official resources of the platform will informationally cover the events held as part of the charitable programs.

Developers share – 800,000 HCFW (20% of project tokens)

This is the share that is created for developers. It may be used for rewarding them as well as spent on HCF platform maintenance and functionality development as well as scaling HCF ecosystem. This is up to developers, this is why it’s called “Developers Share”.

Activity share 200,000 HCFW (5% of project tokens)

These tokens are aimed at increasing the community and the number of active users, attracting additional funding to the project and developing marketing.

PoW Plus Stage

PoW Plus Stage is a process of 5 000 000 tokens distribution within HCFW community from PoW General Wallet. These tokens are designed to maintain the mining process for 12 years. Having just 4 GB of RAM GPU allows users to mine HCFW tokens

Algorithm: HCFhash

Block time: 120 min

Reward per block: 93 HCFW

Daily reward: 1 116 HCFW

Approximate time of mining: 4 480 days

Mining Start Date: Jan 26, 2023

Staking Stage

Staking Stage is a process of monthly emissions from the Staking General Wallet that is 12 000 000 HCFW of the total supply.

Staking stage starts with official public launch of HCFW project on HCF platform.

Time of staking stage: 12 years

Monthly emision: 83 333 HCFW

This monthly emission is used for:

  • Reward users who have made a donation. This loyalty program is called “Lifetime Bonus”;

  • Reward users who have staked their tokens on HCF platform as part of Fixed Staking.

  • To replenish the “HCFW Security Wallet”. To be more specific - 25% of monthly emission goes to this wallet.

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